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Definition of the institution

website-design-header-innerFoundation fekra of ​​the software is one of the most powerful institution hosting software and Web design and only in the Medina and Medina and the western region and Western chalet in Saudi Arabia and the institution to its activity in 2004 to the present time and the number of customers has reached to this day more than 6880 client and thankfully Connected with us and we are proud of our services to our esteemed customers that we offer them.
The fekra of ​​enterprise software for the first hosting institution and the programming and design sites in Medina and the western region and Western chalet in Saudi Arabia officially considered one of the most promising institutions in the field of IT, where enterprise specializes in many areas such as design and development of Websites – E software applications and online commerce solutions multimedia presentations and applications WAP and internet services, production accounting and administrative software systems wired and wireless networks and software applications and media coverage and television advertising and media production projects.
Proceeding from the institution that the policy is aimed at the export of software and e-solutions has completed his thought scripts many projects outside Saudi Arabia, especially in the Middle East and the United States, where has the fekra of ​​a private competitive advantage in the matter of the cost compared to other countries, making us the rival forces in the local market at the level of Middle East in addition to the quality of our work and our use of the latest techniques used in this particular private company Microsoft technologies field, namely the largest international companies in the software recently and our dependence on .Net technology which has gained a lot of business owners impressive because its strength in the performance of the various solutions and applications and with the developments of the language Bhd. My promising language in the construction of major sites.


This has earned the fekra of ​​enterprise software a lot of impressive private clients Guard Royal and the National Guard of Saudi Arabia and ground forces Hafr Al-Batin and Saudi Arabian Army and Al Jazirah and education experts Company, which the Foundation has the implementation of a special project to archive the unique electronic documents of its kind for the first time and the application of Personnel System military and stores and periodicals security Medina and system stems and Jizan and the traffic Department in Madinah and the castle Sports Club and Sheikh Salama Museum and chain restaurants Badia and smooth Mo’men and chain restaurants nymph and complex healing clinics and air force and National Guard, public security and a BMC companies medicines and short messaging services group hospitals DSFH complex Dar Al Shifa clinic and dispensary Saab Foundation seeks to continuity of access to customer confidence through the use of a team integrated work and another for technical support in order to integrate successful work system in the fekra of ​​enterprise software.

Our partners

The Fekra of a software program is Microsoft partners in Saudi Arabia and this means that the Fekra of scripts eligible for:

Meet the challenges on the experience, quick access to the market,
Reducing the risk ratio,
Contributing to the reduction of IT costs,
Establish strong relationships and useful process ...

Of services of the institution

Hosting and design sites on the Web
Server Manager private and joint
Programming and software development and office, accounting and administrative programs
Web and mobile applications Iphone and Android
Electronic system analysis
Installation and the number of domestic and external wired and wireless networks

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